Helicopter Maintenance Stands

S-76 Rotor Maintenance Stands


The Metallic Ladder S-76 Helicopter maintenance stands allow you to access a helicopter tail and rotor in a safer, faster and more efficient manner. No more repositioning your typical stepladder or man lift, our stands are designed to allow a full range of motion and space to inspect or maintain your helicopter.




  • Adjustable handrails
  • Easy slope 45 degree stairway
  • Heavy Duty locking casters
  • Rubber padding
  • Durable, lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum
  • Safety yellow powder coat finish
Model # Platform Size  Weight
SCS-8460; Main Rotor Stand 6' 3" W x 7' 2" L x 7' H 613 lbs.
SCS-9636; Tail Rotor Stand 3' W x 8' L x 3' 8" H 257 lbs.


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